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Environmental education
- Community outreach

Community outreach

In order to form support groups for the Kerzhensky Nature Reserve, to increase community interest in nature and activities of the reserve, we carry out environmental education work with different target groups using different methods.

Work with teachers

The staff of the Kerzhensky Nature Reserve help teachers in setting up research projects with schoolchildren. The results of some of such studies are being applied by the reserve's staff and are presented by the authors at academic conferences of the Student Scientific Society. Seminars are held for teachers, where they are provided with resources and methodological support.

Environmental camps, clubs, expeditions for schoolchildren

Every year, about a dozen environmental camps and expeditions are carried out on the site of the Kerzhensky Nature Reserve by various organizations. The camps include research activities, games, lectures, quizzes, tours, and assistance to the reserve.

In the Environmental Centre of the reserve in Nizhny Novgorod, from September to May, the Young Natural Scientist Club is held, and the World of Wilderness Protection Club is opened in the town of Rustai during the summer vacation.

For schoolchildren who actively attended the Young Natural Scientist Club and the World of Wilderness Protection Club the reserve conducts annual environmental expeditions.

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The Kerzhensky Nature Reserve announces various contests of art, literature, and craftsmanship several times a year, which are very popular among the residents of the Nizhny Novgorod region.

The contests are always very mass. Children, adults, entire families, and even creative teams enter them. There are always a lot of winners, which are awarded diplomas and gifts. The best artworks are posted on the reserve's website.

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