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Environmental education
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Mass environmental campaigns

Involvement of new participants in the campaigns and sharing the experience of their implementation is carried out with the help of the methodological internet platform of the reserve "Eco-Lessons", as well as with the help of the reserve's website and social networks.

"Eco-Lessons" is an internet platform for methodological assistance to educational institutions and nature lovers. It is aimed at engaging teachers of schools and institutions of additional education in environmental education, as well as at exchanging pedagogical experience.

Everyone can participate in environmental festivals, contests and events held by the Kerzhensky Nature Reserve using the platform. Registered users have access to a collection of methodological elaborations, where they can download materials developed by the staff of the Kerzhensky Nature Reserve and by the other teachers. To become a participant of a campaign, a festival, or a contest, it is necessary to hold an event proposed to you by the Kerzhensky Nature Reserve basing on the received materials or own elaborations, then to send a brief report and several photos. After the report is checked, the participants get the opportunity to download the diploma.

The March of Parks

The March of Parks is an international campaign aimed to support specially protected natural areas of Russia and neighboring countries.

The Kerzhensky Nature Reserve has been the coordinator of the campaign in the Nizhny Novgorod region since 1995. As part of the campaign, many districts of the Nizhny Novgorod region host environmental marches, festivals, and labor landing forces of protected areas, as well as regional rounds of national creative contests announced by the coordinator of the campaign in Russia, the Wilderness Conservation Centre. More than 3,000 people participate in the campaign annually.

"Bird Day"

Every year on April 1, an international environmental holiday, International Bird Day, is celebrated in many countries of the world. It is necessary to study the ecology of birds and prepare for the meeting of birds in spring in advance. Birds returning from warm countries sometimes find it difficult to get suitable accommodation, you can help them by hanging special houses for nesting. As part of the annual Bird of the Year campaign, advocacy work and data collection on this bird's natural abundance are carried out, as well as a set of practical environmental protection measures. The coordinator is the Russian Bird Conservation Union.

"Feed the birds"

The "Feed the birds" campaign is held annually from November to March. As part of the campaign you can enter a "Zero Waste Feeder" contest, "Tit Day" festival, contests of drawings, photos, diaries of observation, etc. The main part of the campaign is the arrangement of winter feeding of birds. As a consequence of the campaign, the participants make a report on the activities carried out and the arrangement of feeding birds (how many and what types of feeders are hung out, the process of making and hanging out feeders, what birds visit feeders, how regular the feeding is, what types of feeds are used, what type of feed the birds prefer, etc.).

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Zero waste feeders should be made almost entirely of bird-edible materials. hese may be garlands of berries, white bread, unsalted fat, statuettes out of frozen beef fat mixed with grain, etc. The less nondegradable materials (plastic, iron, etc.) are used in the feeder, the better. Feeders made of products not edible for birds (rye bread, salted fat, fried salted seeds, and nuts, etc.) are not allowed to participate in the contest.

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The "Tit Day" festival can be held both using the elaborations of the Kerzhensky Nature Reserve and using one's own materials.

"A man is a friend for a fir tree"

The annual environmental campaign is held on the eve of the New Year holidays, when many people start looking for a Christmas tree to decorate their house. During this period, a lot of green fluffy beauties become victims of illegal logging. Not every poacher is aware that they're a poacher. Some people just think that the trees in the forest are no one's property and that it won't hurt the forest with one tree cut down.

To reduce the number of such know-nothings, the Kerzhensky Nature Reserve annually holds a campaign called "A man is a friend for a fir tree".

The campaign includes lectures and quizzes about coniferous trees, the best handmade Christmas tree contest called "Alternative Christmas Tree", the best decoration contest called "Gift for a Christmas Tree", and the performance contest called "New Year through the Eyes of a Christmas Tree", etc.123

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