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Security and Regime
- Fire safety

Fire safety

  • Creation of a mineralized lane

  • Fighting peat fires is complicated by the difficulty for vehicles to reach the terrain

  • Off-road vehicle can be used to extinguish fires

  • Coordination of actions is carried out by radio communication

  • A forest fire tractor combines the functions of a fire engine and a bulldozer

  • The fire observation tower

  • Remanufacture of patrol road

  • Firefighting is one of the most important activities of the Department of Protection.

    In 2011, a Type I Fire and Chemical Station (FCS-I) was set up in the town of Rustai, Bor District, Nizhny Novgorod Region, on the base of the reserve's Department of Protection, and staff training was provided. The Type I Fire and Chemical Station is equipped with the necessary vehicles and firefighting equipment in accordance with current regulations.

    In 2012, the Kerzhensky Nature Reserve obtained a license to extinguish forest fires.

    As part of the firefighting activities in the reserve, there are performed the creation and maintenance of mineralized lanes along the boundary of the reserve (firefighting powder), maintenance of fire roads (clearing from windfalls, snowburst, repair of roadbeds and bridges), and patrolling the territory, maintenance of water intake areas, recreation areas, the fire observation tower, the daily duty of the fire warden, the fire and chemical station itself, as well as work on fire prevention and propaganda among the population, determining the location of the source of ignition and directly extinguishing the resulting fires. 

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    Environmental education

    The base of protection
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