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Security and Regime
- Preservation of natural complexes

Preservation of natural complexes

  • Protection team, photo by Korshunova

  • Protection team, photo by Gorelovskaya

  • Protection team

  • Protection team

  • Protection team, photo by Korshunova

  • Protection team

  • Protection team

  • The most important function of the reserves is to protect the territory in order to preserve biological diversity.

    All works on preservation of natural complexes in their natural state in the reserve are carried out under the Regulation on the State Natural Biosphere Reserve "Kerzhensky", the Statute of the institution, and other documents. It is very essential in any activity to strive for the least interference in the course of natural processes, to prevent the emergence and spread of fires and degradation of natural complexes

    Work on the protection of lands is carried out all year round, in any weather. The staff is helped by modern vehicles such as small aircraft, all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles... A lot of effort is devoted to environmental education of the population.

    One of the activities of the Department of Protection of the Protected Area is the implementation of measures to preserve natural complexes in their natural state.

    These activities include all types of forestry activities carried out in the reserve, such as fire protection measures, measures to protect and preserve forests, measures to establish the boundaries of the reserve in the area, biotechnical measures.

    The planning of all these measures for the current period is based on their being in the Forestry regulations of the Reserve, as well as their admissibility in accordance with the Reserve's Forest Development Project. The basis for performance of relevant works is the approved state task for the current period.

    Forestry "State Natural Biosphere Reserve Kerzhensky" is established in the reserve by the order of the Federal Forestry Agency dated 29.02.2008 No. 59 "On Determination of the Number of Forestry Enterprises in the State Natural Reserves and National Parks and Establishment of their Boundaries".

    The area of forestry is 46,786 hectares and is located within the boundaries of two administrative districts, which are Bor (37,103 hectares) and Semenov (9,683 hectares) ones, and divided into twelve rounds, united into four inspection areas. The forest area is divided into 210 blocks of approximately 1 by 2 km in size. The forestry infrastructure includes about 150 km of patrol roads and 6 cordons. The central forestry office (protection team base) is located in the town of Rustai, Bor District, Nizhny Novgorod Region.

    The forest protection measures include sanitary-improvement works (clearing of forest from littering), various felling for the purpose of forest care, forest regeneration measures. From the above mentioned, the reserve performs clearance of forest from littering along patrol roads and in certain areas near the town of Rustai, clearing of openings, roads, patrol and hiking trails in the process of felling forest care, as well as forest pathology surveys in the area after the 2010 fire. There are no forest restoration measures in the reserve.

    The important direction of activity on preservation in a natural condition of natural complexes are actions on allocation in a nature of external boundaries, and boundaries of functional zones and their equipment with billboards, information boards, and signs. In order to highlight the boundaries of the reserve, they are marked with border posts painted in the color of Russian tricolor, located within the visibility. There are barriers installed at the places where roads cross the boundaries of the reserve in combination with the regime announcements and information stands carrying brief information about the regime of the reserve territory. Announcements are also installed off-road, on hiking trails and in recreational areas.

    Within the boundaries of the various functional zones of the reserve, provided for by its regime, there are also set up the announcements informing about the regime of a particular zone.

    In addition, other information signs are installed in the limited activity area which restrict or permit certain actions, such as travel bans, campfire making, and signs of parking places.

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